HMI & SCADA systems

Q-Technology has been involved in creation, implementation, verification and launching of a large number of products among the best in class on the global market.

Among the projects implemented one of the primary disciplines has been to create optimal user interfaces.

Q-Technology has been involved in Human Machine Interface designs used for applications within:

  • Local operator panels in wind turbines
  • Wind Power Plant SCADA systems
  • Off-shore Wind Power Plant SCADA systems
  • Airport Ground Control SCADA Systems
  • Radar Surveillance and Navigational Systems
  • Petrochemical productions and tank storage systems
  • Chemical production process and high risk process
  • Oil & Gas storage control & monitoring systems
  • Oil & Gas distribution systems
  • Medical Electronics - life supporting control and monitoring systems
  • Bloodgas Analysis instruments for monitoring surgey support systems


Data Communication

Q-technology has been involved in developing, designing, implementing and testing of data communication solutions within:

  • Telecommunication systems - ATM, SDH, SS7, ISDN, POTS
  • Mobile Telephonesystems - NMT, GSM900, GSM1800
  • High Speed data - VME
  • Fiber Optical systems - FDDI
  • Industrial Ethernet - FAST Ethernet
  • Industrial Bus systems - RS485, BitBus, FieldBus,ProfiBus


It will be a pleasure to assist you in improving your products and services by bootstrapping your business in order to be among the best in class.